Five Facts about Desiccated Liver Supplements

Beef liver is super nutritious, but it doesn’t taste very good. Desiccated liver supplements are created by dehydrating beef liver at a very low temperature. The dehydrated liver is then milled into a fine powder and placed inside of capsules. Desiccated liver supplements are an easy way to get the benefits of grass-fed beef liver without having to source, cook, or actually eat the liver. Here are five facts about desiccated liver supplements.

1. Desiccated Liver is a traditional superfood.

Did you know that liver and onions used to be a common household dinner? Our ancestor knew that grass-fed beef liver is one of the most nutrient dense foods in the entire world capable of boosting health and wellness in numerous ways. This food has not-so-recently disappeared from the Standard American Diet leaving many Americans deficient in important vitamins and minerals.


2. Desiccated Liver is packed with nutrients.

Grass-fed beef liver contains vitamin A, B vitamins, iron, protein, amino acids, fatty acids, and more. These same nutrients can be found in a desiccated liver supplement. Desiccated liver supplements are an easy way to get the nutrients and benefits of grass-fed liver without having to eat it.

3. Desiccated Liver works to correct nutritional deficiencies.

Tons of Americans are deficient in iron and vitamin B12. These two nutrients are found in abundance in beef liver. Eating plenty of beef liver or taking plenty of desiccated liver supplements works to correct these nutritional deficiencies in a way that is both safe and effective.  Be weary of synthetic iron and B12 supplements as they are likely to cause more harm than good.

4. Desiccated Liver boosts energy and endurance.

Desiccated liver supplements contain an unidentified anti-fatigue factor. A scientific study tested 3 groups of mice and found that the group of mice who consumed desiccated liver supplements had far more endurance than the group of mice who consumed synthetic B12 supplements and the group of mice who received no supplements at all. Though scientists couldn’t determine exactly what about the liver caused this boost in endurance, it was clear that the desiccated liver supplements greatly improved the mice’ endurance.

5. Desiccated Liver is a perfect supplement for athletes.

Did you know that old fashioned body builders used to take desiccated liver supplements by the handful? That’s because desiccated liver is packed with clean protein and amino acids that work to build and repair muscle. When taken throughout the day, the body is supplied with a constant source of high quality, easily digestible protein. As stated before, desiccated liver supplements also improve energy and endurance.